Fifa 19 SBC Fut

Here's how to do the loyalty glitch in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and get loyalty in under 30 minutes.

Once a player has played 10 games for your club in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, they will gain loyalty. This is an added chemistry point for them in any squad they play in. Players also instantly have loyalty if you open them in a pack, but buying them from the transfer market means they don’t have loyalty straight away - they need to play 10 games. In order to get 100 chemistry, depending on your squad, you may need some players with loyalty.

How to do the loyalty glitch on PS4

If you want to get a squad to all have loyalty for an SBC, you’re going to need to create a normal squad in the same formation as the SBC and with the same players. Take that squad and challenge the Team Of The Week in single player Ultimate Team. It doesn’t matter which difficulty you select. When you kick-off, pass it around your defence for 45-60 seconds in-game time. As soon as the match timer hits the one minute mark, pause the game and press the PlayStation button on your controller.

From there, navigate to your PS4 settings and enter the Network settings. Where “Connect to the Internet” is checked, uncheck it then check it again. Go back to FIFA 19 and you’ll see that you’ve been disconnected from Ultimate Team. Go back to the main menu and boot up Ultimate Team again. Head to your active squad and you’ll see that every player should have one match played for your club. Rinse and repeat this process nine more times and voila, your team will have full loyalty. This method doesn’t affect your win/loss ratio or overall games played for your club, it just benefits the players. You will have to apply contracts though to make it through all 10 games.